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The other day within a couple of minutes outside in preparation to start running I realized that it was drizzling. The sky looked gray. Somehow I missed the weather forecast for rain. I made a mental note to check the forecast before I go outside to run next time. So that will help me in the future. How about at the present moment? What do I do now?

Over a space of only a few seconds I began to ponder my next move. Do I go back home and just take a break? Afterall I exercised twice the other day and even went to boot camp. Should I rest my body? My left ankle was hurting a little bit anyway. I had all these ‘good’ reasons to not run that day. On top of that it was about to rain. 
I had to push past the mental block that was now building and keep on running. Within 15 minutes I was running in the middle of a rainstorm. The rain came down heavy. My shirt was soaked. My shoes were getting wet. Here was another opportunity to quit; to turn back home and rest from exercise for the day. 
Again I pressed past those thoughts and kept running. Eventually I ran past the area where it was raining and into an area with beautiful sunshine. As I kept running I couldn’t help but wonder how the storms of life keep us limited and bound when we allow it. Sometimes we give up too soon. We don’t really believe that God has already taken care of the storm. 
Just like I had to keep on running I’ve had to keep pressing through major challenges in my life. I have had to cast down wrong thoughts with the help of God. While I was in the middle of the storms it was not fun. However, imagine what I would have missed out on if I did not persevere. 
Today be encouraged. Things may not look like it. In fact you may be far away from where you want to be. Be encouraged. God is alive. He loves you and wants the very best for you. Trust Him right where you are. Keep His Word in front of you and let His Spirit guide you. If you will not give up, you will enjoy the manifestations of God’s promises. Have an exceptional day!