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Today when I was done running I confirmed that I ran faster than I did yesterday. I suspected it along the way. When you run the same route several times you begin to identify sign posts along the way. So as I ran past those sign posts and checked my watch I saw that I was reaching the same places earlier than I did the previous day. This served as extra motivation to keep on pushing. 

On further reflection I began to ponder on how this is reflected in other areas of my life. I have milestones that serve as signposts on the way to accomplishing the tasks before me. There are many tasks that I have to do several times in life such as clean the car, take the trash out, complete a project at work, complete performance evaluations, etc. The ability to get better at accomplishing these tasks positions me to enjoy a greater level of success. 

What tasks do you have to accomplish? Have you given up along the way? In the example that I shared it wasn’t easy to keep running faster. I was breathing harder and my feet hurt a little more. What do you do when you face resistance in life? Ask God for the courage and boldness to overcome in those weak moments. Learn to measure your progress against milestones. Otherwise you could be slipping into mediocrity without knowing it. 

As you go through life you realize that everything is not easy. In fact your most worthwhile accomplishments will be the ones that require significant effort. The great thing is that you don’t have to do it alone. As you set milestones and targets along the way, turn your plans to God. Allow Him to guide you. You will enjoy far more success with God on your side that on your own. As much as you may or may not have accomplished so far your best is yet to come. Have an exceptional day!